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legal and planning info
click here for m-house updates To help you find a site for your m-house, we designed it to fit the legal status of a caravan (or trailer), so in some instances you won't need planning permission, eg: putting it in your garden (click text to right for more details). We also have close links with Michael Nunan who you can find you places in France; see the links page. Individual sites for caravan use are generally cheap to buy and rent, and you find them in places where you would never be allowed to build a conventional building. Consider the idea of renting some land for a couple of grand a year, and if you have to move it, we'll do it for you for about the same, depending on distance. Otherwise, treat it as a conventional building and go through the planning route; it's up to you. It can be made to meet full Building Regulations and is only different from a traditional building in that it's made in a factory. To assist your independence, with m-house you can choose how 'back to the woods' you want to be, having options that range from full mains services, to completely stand-alone with solar panels and a well for water. The m-houseboat floats on low-maintenance tanks. Run your mouse over the computer-generated images to enlarge.